Electric Pump photos 7-26-2023
First 5 photos taken while pump was operating.

Down at river level, looking at pump in the water.

Pump in the river. Problem of cage tilting because of hose weight solved by attaching a small bottle of water to the opposite end of the cage as a counterweight.

Up at house level, yellow cord is plugged into an extension cord (not shown) plugged into an outside receptacle (not shown). The pump is on house power. The yellow cord could also be plugged into either of the emergency generators we have here. The yellow cord goes to an on-off switch shown in a later photo. The black electric cord goes all the way down to the pump plug much nearer to the pump. Also you see the water coming out of the hose from the pump.

A better photo of the water being pumped up to house level. I tested twice that it fills a gallon bottle in 14 seconds, which equals slightly more than 4 gallons per minute, more would be better, but it is fine for normal household use, and much better than zero.

The portable on-off switch, so the pump can be turned on and off from house level, safer to use a switch than turning it on and off by plugging it in and pulling out the plug.

When the pump is not needed, it can be moved out of sight, so we don't see it, and kayakers and rafters don't see it.

Pump assembly hidden in the grasses.